Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Being a Loner...

The Week Of the Loner - Pisces 2 - March 3-10

You live in a private world all your own.
Your home is a retreat from the world, where you admit very few.... You tend to isolate yourself more than what is good for you.
You have a distinct dislike for superficiality; you mistrust loud, aggressive or pushy people and find it hard to work with people who lack sensitivity.
Grace, honesty and an unassailable aesthetic and moral code prevent you from acting underhandedly or particularly hurtful. You have elegance and grace in all that you do, you are a great admirer of sensuous beauty, particularly in people and paintings and you give your home a special touch.
You have a strong soulful side and have empathy for all forms of human suffering.
You see a distinct difference between being lonely (which you rarely are) and being alone (which you are often)
You can become addicted easily to drugs, drink, sex. You crave peak experiences.
You ask only to be accepted as you really are.
You have few friends that you are close and loyal to.
You can be snagged by a pretty face, sensuous voice or alluring body. Once attached to someone it becomes an addiction and when you decide to be free of your love object you experience powerful separation anxiety.
Strengths: Soulful – Intimate – Graceful
Weaknesses: Reclusive – Disappointed – Suffering .

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Personal Coaching

You know how some days are really hard on your body and
your soul and you just want the day to be over already ???!

This was one of those days and this is what I heard :

"Even when you smile at me and say nothing,
I can see you're in so much pain,
But you just keep trying and trying,
and you keep fighting and fighting,
and no matter how hard it gets,
you never give up and you always do your best.
I admire you so much for that."

~My daughter.

Need a personal coach anyone ?
She's the BEST !

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Picture and poem by me...
Sept 22th 2006

Empty void
Heart Aching
Nobody's here

Choice of Life
Darkness welcome
But emptiness

You were here
Now you are gone
I miss you

Too much to bear...
Say you love me
and I'll be there.